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Monhegan Day Trip with Balmy Days Cruises

Pier 8 Boothbay Harbor - click on photo to view Boothbay Harbor map and aerial view Monhegan Island is a unique and beautiful island 12 miles off the coast off Maine. Renowned for its striking natural beauty, Monhegan Island attracts artists and nature lovers from around the world. Visitors are captivated by Monhegan's breathtaking scenery, bucolic setting, migrating birds and spectacular ocean views. Explore Monhegan Island's 17 miles of hiking trails, browse artist galleries and shops, enjoy a leisurely lunch at one of Monhegan's cafes.

Get away from it all and experience a Monhegan Day Trip with Balmy Days Cruises!

Our vessel, the Balmy Days II, is a twin-screw, motion-stabilized 65-foot fiberglass boat, built on an offshore fishing hull custom-outfitted especially for the Monhegan trip.

Captain Bill Campbell has been navigating the waters off Boothbay Harbor for 30 years.

May 23, 24, 25, 30, 31 and between June 6 and September 27, 2015, plus October 3, and 10, 11, 12 (Columbus Day Weekend), we will be making daily trips from Pier 8 in Boothbay Harbor to Monhegan Island, departing at 9:30 AM and returning at 4:15 PM after spending three hours and forty-five minutes on the island.

During your time at Monhegan, we also offer an optional around-the-island cruise.

Gift certificates are available.

Please see details of our schedules and rates here, and contact us for more information and reservations.

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